Tieren Zhou’s innovative Knowledge-centric Application Lifecycle Management concept gaining global ground

Beijing, Lafayette, California April 26, 2007 – TechExcel, Inc., the leading provider in unified Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Support and Service software, today announced that the China Software Industry Association has named Dr. Tieren Zhou, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Software Architect at TechExcel, as one of the Top 10 Software Leaders at their annual Software Enterprise Awards. Vying for this honor from more than 40 candidates, winners of this prestigious award were based on leadership, technological innovation, value, and contributions to the Software Industry Association.

The six-month selection consisted of an extensive application, peer and technology review process. The selection committee then discussed each applicant’s company and business performance after which finalists were then placed into their final rankings. Dr. Zhou was honored because of his innovative introduction of Knowledge-centric Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) as the standard for software development teams. “I am extremely honored to accept this award,” said Dr. Zhou. “The innovations we have been able to achieve during the past 12 years will help Chinese software companies accelerate growth and confidently step into the international market.”

TechExcel’s ALM solution, DevSuite, is used by leading companies for the development of software including interactive game developers and financial services. Current customers of TechExcel use DevSuite to enable a central core team to design software and outsourced or distributed teams to implement the design.

As current trends indicate, software is increasingly being designed by a central team and then implemented by an outsourced or distributed team. TechExcel DevSuite is built with the best-practice that knowledge – from design documents, to customer requests, detailed functional and behavior maps, and any other information needed to support a feature – is central to any software development initiative. By eliminating these silos that exist between different teams and in different locales, DevSuite helps enterprises dramatically transform development processes, increasing both the efficiency and overall quality of end products. This strategy enables teams communicate better and reduce their cycle times, allowing the right products for the right markets to be developed in the shortest possible time. The company’s software is used by a large number of Fortune 2000 companies.

DevSuite.net – the development platform for global teams

Dr. Zhou is furthering the Knowledge-Centric strategy by the DevSuite.net solution. This hosting environment enables development organizations to deploy a complete ALM solution without the hassle of installing software or maintaining servers. The DevSuite.net solution provides project managers with the information needed to make critical decisions quickly. As an integrated ALM solution, DevSuite.net enables businesses to overcome the obstacles that make it difficult for distributed development teams to work together. Communication and knowledge management are at the heart of the DevSuite system, ensuring that everyone is always on the same page.

For more information about TechExcel, DevSuite and DevSuite.net, please visit www.techexcel.com orwww.devsuite.net.