Tackle the unique challenges of working from home

During this time, organizations are seeing the benefits of working from home, however, there are some unique challenges that have presented themselves.  We are aiming to solve these challenges with our work-from-home solutions.

Challenge 1: Lack of Visibility

Most project management tools focus on tasks but lack a bird’s eye view on project and team productivity and performance leading to operational and managerial inefficiency.

Challenge 2: Lack of Collaboration

Poor or lack of communication affects quality and delivery of projects and leads to teams being disengaged and unable to perform at peak performance.

Challenge 3:  Lack of interaction

We are social, without the interactions you would normally get from being in the office can lead to a decrease in motivation and morale.

8 primary highlights to solve these challenges

Agile Roadmap Project Planning

Project pulse view for real-time progress

Seven key metrics to track performance in real-time

Agile task boards for performance tracking

One-click meetings for efficient collaboration.

QA test matrix to quantify release coverage

Customize workflows for the self driving team

Timesheets built-in for the WFM teams

Project Pulse

It’s easy to get lost to get status updates from burn-downs or looking at task details.  Start looking at projects from a bird’s eye view instead of bottom to top.

Create self-driven team workflows

Create workflows from beginning to end.  Traditional task management tools only manage implementation workflows but not project workflows.  Capture the entire traceability from planning to testing.

ProjectOne Timesheets

In ProjectOne, there is no need to use a separate tool to capture activity.  Everything you do is logged automatically into a timesheet, whether it’s for contracts or for HR payroll.

Collaborative project management

ProjectOne with Kloud enables work from home teams to collaborate much easier with each other and provides interaction as if you were in the office.  It is the all-in-one platform for project management and online meetings for brainstorming, discussions, and much more.

Seven key metrics to evaluate performance

Performance is difficult to gauge when teams aren’t physically present.  ProjectOne algorithms automatically track performance in seven key areas:

  • Attendance
  • Availability
  • Effort put into the project
  • Contribution to the project
  • Quality of the deliverables
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Work objectives

Innovative software trusted by

Session-Based Game Testing

Game testing requires a combination of structured and un-structured testing.   Un-structured tests, often referred to as Session-Based, are critical given the inherent complexity and near infinite possible scenarios and paths within a game.  DevSuite makes it easy to create session based tests with defined areas of focus (characters, worlds, levels, etc…), then assign them to individual testers to log the test and enter the results.  Multiple bugs can then be logged against the same session-based testing task as needed.

Grid-Based Test Execution

DevSuite provides verification point data grids which have been specifically designed for game development. Using the data grid, testers can execute tests in a format commonly used by game teams and test planners. Game testing managers can easily design new tests by creating new variables like cars and tracks, characters, levels or other common game themes. The verification point data grids even support a check box interface that make test execution even more efficient.

Ideal for Distributed, Remote or Outsourced Teams

Because DevSuite provides real-time data it’s an ideal solution for teams with distributed or outsourced development & testing. With DevSuite’s multi-site architecture, teams around the world can all experience local system performance but with fully synchronized data worldwide. Game development teams that outsource aspects of artwork, sound, or animation can now work within the same interface as the sub-contractors, wherever they may be located, sharing data in real time. QA testing teams that are geographically distributed or use partner companies for specialized testing can view updated task lists and test results in real time as the testing is being completed. And finally, DevSuite’s roll-based security allows you to limit what data is visible to your outsourced contractors so that they can work side by side with your core team, but still keep key data confidential.



On-Demand Reporting and Visibility

DevSuite provides real-time planning dashboards and reporting so that you always know that status of your game development projects. The planning view dashboards allow planners to see the status of their projects, teams and environments in real-time. DevSuite also features dynamic reports that can be viewed in the clients or can be delivered via email providing all stake holders with up-to-the-minute data.

Integration Via Restful API