We provide a full suite of modern DevOps solutions that can be tailored to you, either as SaaS or On-Premise.

A full suite of modern solutions and add-ons

ProjectOne ALM and Project Management 

  • P1 Work From From Home with Timesheet and Kloud Integration
  • Fully Integrated ALM features

TechExcel DevOps, ITSM & Customer Support

  • Helpdesk with Kloud SyncRoom Integration
  • CustomerWise Leads Generation with Kloud Meeting integration
  • TechExcel DevOps Customization and Programming Service

Kloud Online Meeting and Collaboration Platform

  • Remote workplace for your Work From Home Team
  • Kloud LiveDoc Plugin and Integrations
  • Kloud for Online meetings and User Conferences

With over 25 years experience servicing enterprise customers, our solutions are flexible and powerful.

  • State of the art technology
  • Full customization
  • Modern UI/UX
  • Configurable functions
  • Programming services
  • White-labeled DevOps apps
  • Point solutions or fully integrated

We help you to achieve total customization of your DevOps software

Our development and IT support and service software are totally configurable for all of your UI/UX, workflow, process automation, and inter-project and process connectivity

We assure you lowering your TCO on DevOps

We provide programming service and source code options

We are willing to work with you to provide you with programming service to totally satisfy your customization needs.

With options for purchasing our UI source code for developing custom web portal or Apps by yourselves

We also provide options for you to purchase our software with the UI/UX components to be totally custom developed for your needs and even under your branding.

DevOps App totally customizable for your needs

Development solution with full ALM functions

  • Requirement Management
  • Task Tracking
  • Test Management
  • Reporting
  • Project and Portfolio Management

ITSM Helpdesk and Customer Support Apps

Incident Management

Full ITSM functions

Fully definable UI support

Fully configurable Workflow

Source Code Option for your own UI/UX

Achieve Success

With over 25 years experience servicing enterprise customers, we know how to work with our enterprise customers to assist you to achieve success .

To find out how our Customizable DevOps solution can benefit you, please contact us via email or via LiveSync Meetings.