Techexcel Resellers

We provide a full suite of modern DevOps solutions that can be tailored to you, either as SaaS or On-Premise.

A full suite of modern solutions and add-ons

ProjectOne ALM and Project Management 

  • P1 Work From From Home with Timesheet and Kloud Integration
  • Fully Integrated ALM features

TechExcel DevOps, ITSM & Customer Support

  • Helpdesk with Kloud SyncRoom Integration
  • CustomerWise Leads Generation with Kloud Meeting integration
  • TechExcel DevOps Customization and Programming Service

Kloud Online Meeting and Collaboration Platform

  • Remote workplace for your Work From Home Team
  • Kloud LiveDoc Plugin and Integrations
  • Kloud for Online meetings and User Conferences

With over 25 years experience servicing enterprise customers, our solutions are flexible and powerful.

  • State of the art technology
  • Full customization
  • Modern UI/UX
  • Configurable functions
  • Programming services
  • White-labeled DevOps apps
  • Point solutions or fully integrated

Get It Done With Us

Provide your enterprise customers with the option of programming service

Reseller Pricing

Standard pricing Sales over $200k Sales over $500k Sales over $1 mil
Reseller Pricing Discount 30% Discount 35% Discount 40% Discount 45% Discount
SaaS Reseller Pricing 20% Discount 25% Discount 30% Discount 35% Discount
Add-Ons 10% Discount
Branding  Annual commission is 5% branding and source code option purchase
Custom Development Annual commission is 5% of custom development purchase

Innovative software trusted by

Customized engine and open development platform

Customize the user interface with modern UI/UX tools, fully configurable project workflows with functional modules, and “no development, zero code” to help you implement independently branded DevOps applications.