Three Pillars of Customer Care

Our ultimate goal is to keep our customers satisfied with our products and services. Your success is our success.

  • We will return your email in one business day
  • We will respond to your web conversation in one business day
  • We will respond to your web incident submission in one business day

Complimentary Pre-Sales Support

The TechExcel sales and technical support team will assist you in evaluating our products. We are available to help you install and configure our software, and answer any questions you may have.

Annual Maintenance Plan

We encourage you to purchase the Annual Maintenance Plan to receive unlimited technical support, which includes incident submission and management via TechExcel Customer Web Portal, email or phone. Also, if you purchase an Annual Maintenance Plan, you will receive all product upgrades free throughout the term of your Plan.

What does the TechExcel Annual Maintenance Plan cover?

  • Unlimited technical support on all products purchased for the term of the plan, during published technical support hours.
  • All upgrades and patches to the products and modules originally purchased, which are officially released to production during the term of the plan and are still being supported by TechExcel. Support, including support for upgrading, ends on the termination date of your maintenance plan. You will continue to receive uninterrupted support and upgrades if you renew your Maintenance Plan.
  • All upgrades and patches will be available via download. CDs are available on request. You will be automatically notified by email when major upgrades are available for download from the TechExcel Web site.

What if you DO NOT purchase an Annual Maintenance Plan?

  • Upgrades, as defined above, may be purchased for 50% of the current list price.
  • All upgrades will be license and password controlled. The upgrade installation will not complete unless a valid license file is present and a current password is entered.
  • When a major upgrade is released, any bug fixes in that release will not be integrated into earlier releases. These bug fixes will only be available by purchasing the major upgrade.

What if you purchase additional modules or licenses after the initial purchase?

  • All additional purchases MUST be added to the existing maintenance plan.
  • The annual maintenance price will be based on the current list price.
  • The new price for support will be prorated to the expiration date of the existing plan.
  • If you do not pay the maintenance plan fee for the new purchase, all payments already made for the existing plan will be applied to the new total product owned, which will move the expiration date of the plan to an earlier date.

Can you renew the original plan more than 1 year after the expiration date?

  • No. After one year you must first purchase the current upgraded version of all products currently owned for 50% of the current list price at the time of the upgrade purchase.
  • You may then purchase a new Annual Maintenance Plan to cover the upgraded product for any number of years, based on the above pricing.
  • The new expiration date will be based on the purchase date of the upgrade.

What if you do not renew your Annual Maintenance Plan?

  • If not renewed, all benefits of the plan will cease immediately following the plan’s expiration date.
  • At any time within 1 year following the expiration date, you may renew the original plan retroactive to the original expiration date, for any number of additional years based on the above pricing, subject to a reinstatement fee.
  • The reinstatement fee will be equal to 10% of the current list price at the time of reinstatement of all products and licenses owned at the time of reinstatement.