Eliminate Complexity & Speed Up Delivery

Address the complexity of building enterprise solutions by avoiding big up front design , starting and stopping, and the big branch and merge problems associated with traditional development.

Our solution empowers your organization to support the needs of current users while simultaneously evolving the system to meet near-future needs.  Our unique approach couples the benefits of traditional requirements gathering and design with agile implementation and testing.

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Key Features


Break down big designs into manageable specifications that are linked to test cases and prioritize them within the feature backlog.  Implement using agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban, etc) and review impact of planned or implemented change through full traceabilty, baselining and versioning.


Use tools that you’re familiar with.  With Over 20+  out-of-the box integrations for popular tools like GIT and Ranorex, we got you covered from source code management to continuous delivery.  A RESTful API is also available just in case you need something more custom.


Integrated project and portfolio solution connects product managers with development teams to accelerate time to market and increase customer satisfaction.  A single system of record for both product planning and tracking allows you to align product features to strategic goals.


Uncover performance costs of unstable teams and see improvements in both cost and delivery duration compared to waterfall projects.  View the actual status of all your running projects through cross project reporting and dashboards.


Get teams in flow: at a standup, in a planning meeting, at your desks or on your phones.  A distributed architecture created and optimized for distributed teams allow team members to see updates as they happen, making work faster and more productive.