ProjectOne 1.0 Production Release

Along with DevSuite 11 Production and Kloud Beta II Release

  Via Kloud Workshop Wednesday Sept.15,2021,11:00 am

We are releasing P1, DevSuite 11 Production, and Kloud Beta II

Project Task Tracking & ALM with all DevSuite Features

The Future Generation of Online Meetings

Version 11, New Features and Performance Improvement

Join Our Interactive Workshops

Experience the future of online meetings with Kloud

Workshop 1

P1/Kloud for Work From Home Solution

Wednesday Sept. 15, 2021, 11:00 am

An overview of how to create online meetings and interactive documents inside your project management software. P1/Kloud integrated solution makes online meeting, document discussion, brainstorming, and team member and with customer collaborations all within the same P1 tool. We will also feature the P1/DevSuite App as well.

Workshop 2

A New Standard for Agile Planning

Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2021, 11:00 am

Requirements with start and end dates are difficult to quantify and often conflict with traditional agile planning.  See how P1 is the solution that enables you to set and monitor requirements and overall project progress via animated progress pulses. We will also discuss more details on Interactive Project management features.

Workshop 3

Auto-measure your team’s performance

Wednesday Sept. 29,11:00am

P1 ensures the successful delivery of your projects by tracking seven dimensions of data: work contribution, effort, productivity, quality, reliability, and attendance. Learn how P1 is able to help a management team track these seven dimensions with precision.

Workshop 4

P1 for quality management

Wednesday Oct 6, 2021, 11:00am

See how P1 differs from DevSuite from a quality management standpoint. From major performance improvements to smarter test planning and visualizing testing via test-grids, P1 has been significantly upgraded to improve performance for QA managers and testers alike.

Join us for in an immersive online meeting experience

Full terminal coverage

Fully interactive meetings with breakout rooms for smaller group discussions

4K display, Hi-Fi sound

Meetings in unlimited resolution with professional video and audio quality

Full terminal coverage

Join us from any device – mobile phones, PC’s, pads or even from a TV

What is new with P1 and DevSuite 11

        Modern GUI, easy to learn

        Fully featured task tracking and ALM solution

        Agile planning with Roadmap Month Planning

        Requirement management integrated with Kloud LiveDocs

        Quantify project team Job Performance and Work Quality

        Team collaboration and Project Management In One Tool

        Perfectly Designed for the Work From Home Team

Why should you upgrade to P1 and DevSuite 11?

  • P1 works with DevSuite and is the future of DevSuite
  • P1 will provide all DevSuite functions that you love and so much more
  • Get instantaneous productivity gains by integrating P1 with Kloud
  • While DevSuite will be supported in the future, but new features and functions will be only added to P1.
  • Upgrading is FREE for customers with active maintenance and support plans.


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