TriTech Software Systems

Using ServiceWise, TriTech achieves a dramatic improvement in productivity.

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, TriTech Software Systems develops, integrates, and supports advanced computer-aided dispatch solutions and associated software applications for the public safety industry. Its customers include law enforcement agencies, fire departments, emergency medical (paramedic) services and private ambulance companies. TriTech has approximately 105 employees, a 15 person support staff, and a sales team of 10 people.

TriTech’s flagship product, VisiCAD Command™, is a Windows NT™-based software application used around the world by public safety organizations to manage the dispatching of vehicles, equipment and personnel, and to increase productivity, streamline operations and improve their emergency responsiveness.

“ServiceWise is a very user friendly, feature rich application. Our customers love ServiceWise, and we have achieved a dramatic improvement in our process because of it.”

John Selters – VP of Technical Services

TriTech Chooses ServiceWise as the Best Customer Support Solution

Prior to implementing ServiceWise, TriTech used an internally developed customer support application that worked fairly well, but became a nightmare to maintain. The engineers that developed the internal application left the company and there was no one left who knew the software sufficiently well to enhance its capabilities to support the growing needs of the company.

After researching the various software solutions available, TriTech narrowed the choices down to two products, ServiceWise and Clear Case. They finally decided to go with ServiceWise because of its ease- of-use, robust reporting features, comprehensive feature set, and its flexibility to adapt to TriTech’s needs. TriTech originally purchased 10 ServiceWise user licenses. It has since expanded to 17 users and is still growing. They also purchased TechExcel’s DownloadPlus add-on package to manage and track their customer’s downloading activity.

ServiceWise Has Improved TriTech’s Productivity

TriTech is currently using ServiceWise as their primary issue management system for the technical services department. Issues that are called in by customers are easily entered into ServiceWise by the technical account managers. More often, though, TriTech’s customers submit issues themselves directly into the system using the ServiceWise Web module for customers, easily filling in the appropriate information using the fields and menus defined by TriTech. ServiceWise then automatically creates a new issue, and assigns it to the most appropriate technician based on their skills and current workload.

If a customer’s problem proves to be an actual software defect, the technical account managers simply forward it to DevTrack, TechExcel’s defect tracking application, which has been adopted by TriTech’s Engineering department. ServiceWise has solved the maintenance problem associated with the internal application, and now TriTech can grow and expand their requirements without requiring internal development work.

“ServiceWise helps us to be more productive,” said John Selters, the acting Vice President of Technical Services for TriTech. “We are immediately notified when issues are in the queue too long, and ServiceWise automatically routes new issues to the appropriate support team member, which makes my life easier. Instead of me having to assign issues, it automatically happens.”

“The reporting capabilities are wonderful,” continued Selters. “Not only do we use the extensive list of pre- defined ServiceWise reports, but the ability to write our own custom reports and integrate them into ServiceWise is wonderful. Our company really takes advantage of those features. We are using ServiceWise to its fullest capability, using both Web components — for Technical Services as well as for our customers. Our customers love ServiceWise, and we have achieved a dramatic improvement in our process because of it.”

“We can accurately track our productivity with ServiceWise, it gives us the numbers that we are looking for. We can see where we need improvement, as well as where we’re doing well. We also use e-mail notification, automatic routing, and automatic escalation extensively. It’s nice that we have the ability to integrate some of our own applications, enabling us to launch them directly from the ServiceWise menu. I can’t think of anything that ServiceWise offers that we are not using.”

“ServiceWise is a very user friendly, feature rich application. I frequently receive calls from potential ServiceWise clients and I always recommend the product.”