TechExcel ServiceWise has given the LaSCA IT department the ability to keep clients constantly updated via instant web conversations and email.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Agency (LaSCA) is an NHS agency serving 10 Primary Care Trusts (PCTs). They manage the PCTs patient population registers and provide administrative services to the PCTs and their NHS contractors. The service is split into three major distinct groups: Patient, Contractor and Supporting Services. LaSCA is publicly funded and employs over 200 staff.

TechExcel support is first class, one of the very few companies we deal with that the support staff are very helpful and friendly and see through any problem you have until its completion. I would give the product 9/10 and support 10/10.

Mark Gannon – IT Manager

Moving away from an un-managable system

LaSCA began exploring upgrading their help desk system after deciding that they needed a flexible and customizable solution that also provided reporting functionality. The organization evaluated their existing solution – an outdated and unmanageable help desk application from Interact – to determine the essential functions they needed to maintain and to define any new requirements needed. They determined that adding the new requirements to their existing solution would be too expensive to make it a viable option. Instead, implementing a new solution would not only be more cost effective, but would also alleviate the burden of using an out-dated solution.

LaSCA considered several solutions to replace their help desk, including Support Desk from Interact, ManageEngine from ZOHO Corporation and TechExcel’s ServiceWise. It was very important to LaSCA to get the right application for the role they required and the support necessary for them to customize the application to their needs.

LaSCA‘s essential feature in a new help desk solution was that the solution keep their clients informed and offer tools that would enable their users to stay updated according to their preferences. TechExce| ServiceWise ticked all the boxes by providing a self-ser\/ice portal, web conversations and email notifications. After trying out ServiceWise and evaluating the TechExcel support service, LaSCA was confident that TechExcel ServiceWise was the right choice.

Complex implementation

LaSCA required a very complex set of features and functionality in order to support all their requirements; like multi-tier email notifications, integration with OCS
inventory, and multiple instances of helpdesks for different parts of the business and departments outside IT. However, the strain of implementing complex requirements was mitigated since a large portion of the system was already built during the trial phase offered by TechExcel, which made the final steps of the implementation easy and less time consuming.

By switching to ServiceWise, LaSCA has met all its feature needs and is now able to report on all aspects of the IT department, allowing them to calculate ROI on the operation and provide information to the business on how many issues are resolved and in what time frame.


A year into using the new system, LaSCA is very happy with the performance of the system and Mark Gannon, IT Manager, says “TechExcel support is first class, one of the very few companies we deal with that the support staff are very helpful and friendly and see through any problem you have until its completion. I would give the product 9/10 and support 10/10.”

TechExcel Servicewise

TechExcel ServiceWise is a fully configurable and scalable software suite for helpdesk and service desk management and IT service management (ITSM). ServiceWise helps automate and streamline IT helpdesk activities with configurable workflows, process approvals, email integration, IT project management, and integrated knowledge
management solution. The powerful features and ease of maintenance make ServiceWise a
powerful solution for growing IT service organizations. ServiceWise is available in two editions, ServiceWise HelpDesk and ITIL.

TechExcel ServiceWise helps you optimize your organization’s support process by providing your team with everything you need to exceed your customer’s service expectations.

Through sophisticated process automation, knowledge-base management, and the availability of customer self service through the Customer Web Portal, your support team can resolve issues more efficiently and improve your bottom line. ServiceWise enables customers to refine support processes to increase efficiency and productivity while significantly decreasing overall support costs by reducing the time to resolve incidents. Best of all TechExcel ServiceWise can be deployed under budget in days or weeks.

Key Benefits

  • Act as single point of contact for user requests, user submitted incidents
  • Intuitive user interfaces reduces training time and gets users up to speed faster
  • Empower users with a comprehensive knowledgebase to dynamically search for solutions and advice
  • Fast deployment with easy installation and automated upgrades
  • Ability to automate reminders, review tasks, and approvals of any incident or request
  • Out-of-box best practices for ITIL and the industry
  • Choice of implementation options: choose hosted or onpremise installation