ALM with integrated requirements, quality, agile development and project management

  • Support for agile, hybrid agile and traditional projects
  • Full bi-directional traceability from requirements to testing
  • Workflow automation & Standardization
  • Unrivaled scalability and performance via multi-site support
  • Native iPad & Android Tablet Applications
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DevSuite Overview

What makes DevSuite different?

DevSuite is an ALM platform specifically designed to manage hybrid agile projects as well as pure agile and traditional development projects.

Why Use a Hybrid Agile Methodology?

The future of development is agile but the future of agile is hybrid. Hybrid methodologies combine elements of agile and traditional development to meet each development team’s unique needs. Traditional requirements management can be easily integrated with agile methods to drive the product backlog and sprint workloads. QA floaters can be assigned to agile teams to help ensure that each sprint is of the highest quality. By integrating QA regression test plans and cycles into your agile processes is a formula for high quality product releases.

To learn more about Hybrid Agile, please visit the SpecDD Web site at SpecDD is a hybrid agile development methodology created by TechExcel’s CEO and Chief Architect, Dr. Tieren Zhou.

DevSpecRequirements Management

DevSpec enables organization-wide collaboration for the management of requirements, specifications, product ideas, and any functional or technical design documents related to requirements, with integration points that allow you to drive development and testing directly from completed requirements.
Additionally, DevSpec provides an innovative MS Word Integration module that enables teams to easily create a hierarchy of requirements from a MS Word document. These requirements can be created in a parent/child structure with full traceability through development and testing. Any requirement can be changed from within MS Word as well and automatically synchronized. This allows your teams to easily harness the power of MS Word without learning any new tools.

DevTrackImplementation and Defect Tracking

DevTrack comprehensively tracks and manages all aspects of a development project, from feature stories and implementation tasks to product defects and change requests. Teams can effectively plan, organize and execute development work, and with tools to support both agile and traditional practices, DevTrack can easily be configured to fit your needs.

DevTestQA Test Management

From test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution, DevTest manages the complete quality lifecycle. Implement quality processes earlier in the development lifecycle to manage shorter deadlines, address complex contemporary testing challenges, and improve your deliverable software.

KnowledgeWiseKnowledge Base

DevSuite includes KnowledgeWise, a central knowledge repository for managing documents, images, Wiki articles, Wiki books, and other digital assets and attachments. KnowledgeWise provides a fully configurable user interface and definable workflow process for tracking knowledge creation, review, publishing, and approval processes, and items in KnowledgeWise can be accessed from all areas of DevSuite.

Add-on Modules

  • DevPlan - Project Planning for Agile and Traditional Projects

    Every project, agile or otherwise, requires planning. Despite this fact, many tools fail to provide functionality that is optimized for both agile and traditional development projects. Typically tools choose to focus on one or the other, preventing you from realizing the benefits that can be had with a full project planning and resource management tool. DevPlan provides simple and effective planning capabilities with full support for both agile and traditional projects.

  • Portfolio - Product Portfolio Management

    Product Portfolio Management provides a comprehensive and real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources that enhances the management practices for all of an organization's project and program portfolios. Portfolio integrates across all DevSuite modules bridging the gaps between development teams communicating project status, managers reporting progress, and decision-makers quantifying projects with the greatest business value.

  • Multisite - Globally Distributed Development

    Overcome the challenges of globally distributed development with a solution specifically designed for the problem. Devsuite Multisite offers unlimited scalability though site expansion, 100% up time via alternate site access, local access perfomance for all teams, and minimal bandwidth requirements.

  • MyDevSuiteMobile ALM for iPads and Android Tablets

    With MyDevSuite you can quickly and easily access requirements, reports, and tasks from your iPad or Android tablet. View and share documents attached to specifications or task with the built in meetings feature and even synchronize document annotations and actions with audio recordings! Best of all it's free for all on-premise or hosted customers!

  • DevTimeTimesheet Management

    Adding the optional DevTime module to DevSuite creates a complete time sheet management system that is integrated with development time tracking in DevTrack. DevTime produces detailed time sheets for each team member that can be manually updated when necessary and tracked through a definable workflow process for time sheet approval.