Webinar: Transitioning the Traditional Help Desk into Self-Service Service Desk

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The word ‘help’ isn’t specific enough to the service provided by IT – all the extra calls and e-mails can really reduce the amount of time your support team has to help staff with IT-related issues. Simply changing the name and offering a web interface where staff can go and help themselves with issues or problems can have a dramatic impact. Whether you are new to self-service or improving your current offering, this webinar will provide concrete advice and ideas on self-service.

Key topics this webinar will explore include:

  • areas for automation
  • self-service options
  • self-help options
  • and much more!

Click here to watch this session, presented by industry veteran Rick Jönsson, that explores self-service options.

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Global Companies Gather in San Francisco to Share Insights on Achieving Business Agility

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – October 11, 2011 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) and customer support software, today announced its annual global user conference will be held October 24-28 at the Argonaut Hotel, located in San Francisco’s historic Fisherman’s Wharf. The TechExcel 2011 User Conference and Training Summit is a five-day event that will include technology sessions; hands-on workshops; and contributions from customers, partners and industry thought leaders from across the globe. Information on speakers, tracks and registration is available at https://www.techexcel.com/conference/2011/index.html.

The ability to rapidly and cost efficiently adapt to changes in the market is a key priority for organizations throughout the world. TechExcel will give IT executives, developers, distributors and partners the opportunity to learn how world-class businesses are transforming and optimizing their business processes for greater ROI and competitive advantage. Keynote speakers and enterprise-scale customers sharing first-hand testimony on best practices and success stories include:

  • TechExcel, Inc: Dr. Tieren Zhou, CEO and Chief Software Architect
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SCEA): Ritchard Markelz , Sr. Director of Global First Party Quality Assurance
  • THQ, Inc: Ryan Arnold, Senior Database Administrator
  • Websense, Inc: Vince Broyles, Manager-Software Development
  • Informatica Corporation: Giles Davidson, Principal Software and Configuration Engineer
  • Corvel Corporation: Beth Borman, Technical Writer & Project Coordinator and Don Welch, Software Development Manager
  • ABS Nautical Systems: Fernando Lehrer, VP of Product Management
  • MESSA: Craig Parker, Associate Manager-IT
  • Novartis: Chris Shields, US Service Desk Manager
  • Vibra Healthcare: Director of Service Management
  • Barco Liége: Michael Hooreman, Quality Manager
  • iRely: George Olney, Chief Operating Officer

Attendees will also have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with TechExcel senior […]

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TechExcel Releases DevSuite 8.5

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – August 2, 2011 – TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, has announced the release of DevSuite version 8.5. The latest release of TechExcel’s complete Application Lifecycle Management solution expands the integrated platform for requirements management, project planning, development tracking and QA testing to include product portfolio management, as well as additional reporting for all modules and numerous usability enhancements.

“With DevSuite 8.5 our focus is to provide even more reporting and analytics options for our users.” said Tieren Zhou, TechExcel CEO and Chief Software Architect. “The initial release of Product Portfolio Management expands our reporting capabilities to provide a consolidated view of every aspect of projects and products being tracked in DevSuite and other TechExcel solutions. Later releases of PPM will add financial, risk, and contract management capabilities.”

New Analytics and Reporting That Span the Entire SDLC

Development organizations can now better manage the entire SDLC with the revamped analytics and reporting functionalities. Users can create unlimited instances of the same reporting style, build drill down reports that automatically breaks down owners by the different types of issues they own, and add drill down reports as widgets in the development dashboard. DevSuite 8.5 also includes new distribution, trend and tabular reports that allow users to easily track all requirement data, change controls and change impact. These new reports also provide additional traceability into the design, development, and test-coverage of requirements.

Integrated PPM for Better Portfolio Decisions

TechExcel’s new Product Portfolio Management tool provides a comprehensive and real-time view of all internal and external processes and resources to enhance the management practices for all of an organization’s project and program portfolios. Integrating PPM across all DevSuite modules bridges the gaps between development […]

TechExcel Gives Live Demonstrations of ServiceWise U at Campus Technology 2011

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – July 25, 2011 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service Management (ITSM) and customer support software, will feature ServiceWise U at the Campus Technology annual summer conference, taking place July 25 – 28, 2011 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, MA. TechExcel will show attendees of the nation’s premier higher education technology conference how its solution designed specifically for the digital campus can help them better manage helpdesk and total IT service processes, with a much lower and controllable cost of ownership. The live demonstrations will take place in TechExcel booth #733.

ServiceWise U is a configurable and scalable software suite for helpdesk management and IT service management tailored exclusively for Colleges and Universities worldwide. Using ServiceWise U, institutions can automate and streamline IT helpdesk activities with configurable workflows, process management and approvals, email integration, integrated knowledge management and dedicated student self-service portal. Additional benefits include:

  • ITIL compliant – certified by PinkElephant.
  • Collaborate between departments – Integrate service desk functions, IT services, development and more. Integrated departmental or project workflows results in fast, organized, and productive management processes across the campus.
  • Reduce administrative costs – Integrate online forms for student and faculty requests to eliminate paper waste and streamline approval procedures. LDAP/Active Directory integration for centralized student/faculty information management.
  • Comprehensive asset management – Manage asset lifecycles and integrate asset information […]
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TechExcel Wins SD Times 100 Award Three Years in a Row

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – July 18, 2011 – TechExcel, a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, has been named to the SD Times 100 for its leadership and innovation in the ALM market. This is the third consecutive year TechExcel has won the award recognizing key companies driving the art of software development.

“We are honored the editors of SD Times have once again recognized TechExcel as an innovator and influencer in the software development industry,” said TechExcel President and CEO Dr. Tieren Zhou. “This year’s award reflects our continuing commitment of providing solutions that support any development methodology and give organizations the flexibility to optimize their existing management and development processes according to their own unique needs and priorities.”

Judged by the editors of SD Times and published annually since 2003, the SD Times 100 recognizes companies, non-commercial organizations, open source projects and other initiatives for innovation and leadership in multiple software development industry areas. The complete list for 2011 is available online at https://www.sdtimes.com/link/35592.

About SD Times

BZ Media LLC® (www.bzmedia.com) is a high-tech media company combining the best of print and Web-based publishing, offering industry-leading magazines, newspapers, Web sites and conferences.SD Times®, the flagship of BZ Media, is the twice-monthly newspaper of record for the software development industry and reaches more than 60,000 subscribers in 131 countries. Addition information is available online at www.sdtimes.com.

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TechExcel Announces ServiceWise and CustomerWise 8.7

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – June 13, 2011 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service Management and customer support software, today announced the release of ServiceWise 8.7 and CustomerWise 8.7. New features and enhancements further automates repetitive tasks and processes and improves searching and collaboration between support teams and their customers. Additionally, the release has an improved user interface and includes automatic priority matrix calculations in conjunction with automated ticket allocation.

“Today more than ever it is important for support organizations to automate as much as possible to meet financial targets. Versions 8.7 of our IT Service Management and customer support software help organizations improve ROI on the support operation.” said Tieren Zhou, Ph.D., CEO and Chief Software Architect at TechExcel. He continued, “We’ve added automation together with business intelligence that improves return on investment within IT and Customer Support and adds value to both new and existing installations.”

TechExcel is dedicated to developing software solutions with built-in business intelligence that can be configured by the users to optimize their business processes. By providing integrated CRM, help desk, defect tracking and test management applications, TechExcel integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the flexibility needed to better manage their business.

TechExcel will host a live webinar on June 23rd entitled, Transitioning the Traditional Help Desk into Self-Service Service Desk, which will have a segment highlighting features in version 8.7. ServiceWise and CustomerWise on-demand Web presentations and personal demonstrations are also available now. Call 800-439-7782 extension 5 or visit www.techexcel.com for more information about TechExcel offerings and […]

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TechExcel Launches DevSuite 8.3 with DevSuite Web

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – January 31, 2011 – TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), has announced the release of DevSuite version 8.3. This ground breaking release provides a complete and integrated platform for integrated requirements management, project planning, development tracking and QA testing. While each of these software development lifecycle modules were previously accessible via individual Windows and Web clients, now all of the DevSuite ALM tools can be easily accessed through a single sign-on portal, DevSuite Web.

“The DevSuite Web enhancement to our ALM suite provides development teams with a high-caliber web portal for complete access to all our tools’ features via a powerful online interface.” said Tieren Zhou, TechExcel CEO and Chief Software Architect. “Now the entire development process is linked and each team has insight into their portion of the process as well as how it affects and is affected by other projects. Additionally, version 8.3 improves the usability, look and feel of the Web user interface by adding layered pop-up dialog boxes, right-click menus and drag-and-drop functionality to provide a software solution that is easy and enjoyable to use.”

Both Agile and Non-Agile Teams Benefit from DevSuite:

TechExcel continues to respond to the trend of how development teams are adopting Agile methods. “We have learned from our own customers that as teams become Agile, they are adapting Agile processes to fit their needs. We believe ALM solutions must mature to meet the

demands of […]

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TechExcel updates DevSuite ALM

By Victoria Reitano – January 24, 2011

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TechExcel next week will release its new DevSuite application life-cycle management solution. DevSuite 8.3 allows developers to log in to the programs in the suite, such as DevSpec, DevPlan, DevTrack, DevTime and DevTest, via a Web-based user interface (DevSuite Web), which provides a single sign-on for all programs in the suite.

According to Tieren Zhou, CEO and chief software architect at TechExcel, the product suite also allows for agile and non-agile teams to work together throughout the application life cycle.

“All members of the team see the same Web-based user interface,” he said. He added that “development teams are blending practices from agile and traditional practices,” and that now this is something that can be tracked and monitored through DevSuite 8.3.

Scott Ambler, chief methodologist for IBM Rational, said agile methods are being used together during production by a variety of companies. These companies, he added, don’t even realize they are blending technologies at first.

“Some customers that have experiences [with agile] always combine into [a method] that looks similar across many companies. It’s usually ‘Scrum, but,’ ” Ambler said. He explained that “Scrum, but” is a term used many companies that aim to do the short sprints, daily stand-ups and other items explained in Scrum rhetoric as a way to move toward agile.

“You can do short sprints to produce something of value, and [a company] gets a clear benefit,” he said.

Ambler’s observations in the field show that many are combining a variety of agile and lean methods. Zhou added that traditional methods might be used with projects that have strict requirements or a strict flow, in which case some members of an otherwise agile […]

Agile and ALM: Banded together

By Jennifer deJong – January 19, 2011

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It hasn’t exactly advanced on all fronts, but ALM is inching its way forward, albeit by a circuitous route.

SD Times asked analysts and tool makers how Application Life-cycle Management—the tools and processes designed to track software projects from conception to deployment to retirement—has evolved in the last few years and where it is headed. Three major themes emerged.

First, the central promise of ALM 2.0—better integration between point tools for requirements, coding and testing—never really materialized. Second, tool makers are overwhelmingly positioning their offerings as “Agile ALM.” Second, the term is so pervasive, it’s difficult to separate the “agile” marketing message from actual support for agile practices. What’s more, opinions vary on what “Agile ALM” really means. Third, technologies such as application security and virtualized testing, among others, remain largely outside the ALM process today, even though they are widely recognized to play important roles in how applications are developed and managed.

About that ALM 2.0
The plug-in ALM frameworks designed to let application teams stitch together different tool makers’ offerings without having to code the connections between them did not happen, said Forrester principal analyst David West. These frameworks were a key promise of ALM 2.0, a Forrester Research set of principles that outlined ALM’s future and gained wide backing from ALM tool makers in 2008.

West noted that Eclipse projects such as ALF and Corona, aimed at tool and process integration, have failed. Unless application delivery teams are working in the Microsoft Visual Studio, or Eclipse IDEs, “plug-in support is limited today,” he said.

In the ALM 2.0 era, tool makers were talking about a standard way to link together tools for requirements, coding and […]

TechExcel to Host Live Demonstrations of Agile Studio at Agile Development Practices East 2010

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – November 01, 2010– TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software, will showcase its Agile Studio solution at Software Quality Engineering’s Agile Development Practices East, taking place November 14 – 19, 2010 in Orlando, FL. Visitors to the TechExcel booth #20 will see live demos of the Agile Development platform that empowers organizations to mix elements from multiple Agile and traditional development methods.


With Agile Studio, organizations can implement both Agile and non-Agile practices to best support their processes and needs, while still retaining the benefits of a single integrated system across the entire enterprise. With out-of-the-box support for all major Agile methods including Scrum, XP, and test-driven development, organizations can also choose to incorporate elements from traditional development such as resource planning, project management, and defect tracking to best meet their team’s unique needs.

“Agile East is a beneficial event for software developers interested in implementing Agile or optimizing their current processes. The culture of combining education, thought leadership and demo environments is what draws TechExcel back each year as a sponsor. We are happy to showcase our industry tested solutions to Software Quality Engineering and its Agile-savvy readers,” said Tieren Zhou, founder and CEO for TechExcel. “Agile Studio brings TechExcel’s expertise in balancing methodologies – both Agile and traditional – that enables customers to find the right process for each of their development processes. Also, since these methodologies are all on one platform – integration is seamless and ease of configurability means customers are up and running quickly.”

Development organizations unable to attend the TechExcel demos at Agile East can email sales@techexcel.com to set-up a dedicated meeting. Additional information on TechExcel and its award-winning solutions can be found at […]

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