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Discover the Software Testing Analysis & Review Canada Conference (STARCANADA)—the premier software testing conference that brings you the most up-to-date information, tools, and technologies available in the industry today. STARCANADA is a part of the STAR family of conferences, recognized as the leader in the software testing industry for over 20 years. Join industry experts and peers in the test and QA community for a week jam-packed with learning sessions that will help you make a powerful impact in your job role and for your company.

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DevSuite 9.3 Webinar

TechExcel is excited to announce the release of DevSuite 9.3 featuring usability and performance enhancements enabling enterprises to deliver superior quality products with reduced time to market.

DevSuite 9.3 gives greater control to the users with enhanced customization options. At the same time, DevSuite 9.3 is equipped with features to increase the quality, agility and efficiency of product lifecycle activities

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Interact with more than 2,300 IT service and technical support professionals as they address today’s most pressing service and support challenges. Only HDI’s IT service and technical support conference, with its expansive resources, can bring you strategies for achieving service management excellence. Facilitated by industry thought-leaders, practitioners and process experts from around the world, the HDI Annual Conference is the largest, most-respected technical support educational event.

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TechExcel Announces Availability of ServiceWise 9.3

Updates to Service, Support and Process Management Solution Significantly Improve User Experience, Agility and Efficiency

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – March 31, 2014 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service Management and customer support software, today announced availability of ServiceWise 9.3.  The latest release of the company’s ITSM and support-focused CRM software includes more than 50 new features and customer enhancements that significantly improve user experience and make managing IT service and customer help desk activities more agile and efficient.

“TechExcel provides premium and enterprise strength IT service and customer support solutions that are fully integrated with ALM. With ServiceWise 9.3, incidents submitted can automatically spawn defects, change requests or requirements.  While product management and development teams are scheduling, designing, implementing and testing for these items, all updates are reflected automatically back to the support incident,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “By integrating with ALM requirements in 9.3, TechExcel has completed the final piece needed for a complete integration and our customers can enjoy the best platform for a complete support and development experience.”

ServiceWise 9.3 New Features & Enhancements

  • Fully Customizable Customer & Contact User Interface
  • Project Planning & Resource Management Improvements
  • Complete ALM & CRM DevOps Integration
  • Full Integration with DevSuite.  Change request and customer enhancements can now be submitted directly into requirements management for triage and prioritization before assigning development work.
  • Integration with RallyDev
  • Improved the professional service contracts to be able to upload customized invoices and to be able to track billable time against line items on the invoice.
  • Updated Reporting Utilizing Microsoft Silverlight
  • New Contact View, with Support for B2B and B2C Within a Project
  • Enhanced LinkPlus API
  • Improved Marketing Lead Tracking & Event Management

ServiceWise helps organizations optimize […]

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The GDC attracts over 23,000 attendees, and is the primary forum where programmers, artists, producers, game designers, audio professionals, business decision-makers and others involved in the development of interactive games gather to exchange ideas and shape the future of the industry.

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TechExcel Announces DevSuite 9.3: Newly Designed for Greater Usability and Performance

ALM Platform Enhancements Enable Companies to More Effectively and Efficiently Manage Requirements, Development and QA Processes

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – March 17, 2014 – TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced DevSuite 9.3, the latest edition of its ALM platform with integrated Requirements, Quality and Agile Management. DevSuite 9.3 includes usability enhancements and performance improvements that enable companies to more effectively and efficiently manage requirements, development and QA processes. With DevSuite 9.3, companies are able to deliver superior software products to market and their customers faster.

“We listened to our customers and enhanced DevSuite with features that make it even simpler to increase the quality, agility and efficiency of development lifecycle activities,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “We are committed to supporting the success of our customers and the functionality introduced in the latest version of our ALM solution reinforces this commitment.” DevSuite was designed to streamline processes for both Agile and traditional development projects with “best of breed” functionality and a user interface optimized for ease of use and productivity. New and enhanced features in DevSuite 9.3 that build on this foundation and delivering greater usability and performance include:

  • Customizable User Experience: A new fully definable GUI (Graphic User Interface) enables organizations to completely customize their development environment based on project complexity and the needs of cross-functional teams. With an easy-to-use point and click wizard, users can design custom workflows and rules; add custom fields and field values;
  • create personal workspaces with defined access control; set color codes for different line items; and more.
  • Improved Project Planning and Resource Management: DevSuite 9.3 now supports work assignments directly from requirements […]
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…But the bugs remain

Published: February 26th, 2014– 

Software teams are under pressure to deliver higher-quality software faster, but as high-profile failures and lackluster app ratings indicate, it’s easier said than done. With the tremendous growth of agile development, finding bugs earlier in the development cycle has become an imperative, but not all organizations are succeeding equally well.

“Developers realize they need better tools to investigate problems, but we need to make sure we’re not creating problems in the first place,” said Gil Zilberfeld, product manager of unit testing solution provider Typemock.

Software teams are using all kinds of tools, including bug and defect trackers, SCM tools, testing suites, and ALM suites, and yet software quality has not improved generally, according to William Nichols, a senior member of the technical staff at the Software Engineering Institute.

“The data don’t suggest that the software being produced is any better than it was a decade or 20 years ago, whether you measure it by lines of code or function points and defects,” he said. “We’re seeing one to seven defects per 1,000 lines of code. We’re making the same mistakes, and the same mistakes cause the same problems.”

One problem is focusing too much on the speed of software delivery rather than software quality. Nichols said this is a symptom of unrealistic management expectations. Tieren Zhou, founder and CEO of testing and ALM solution provider TechExcel, considered it a matter of attention: what’s sexy versus what matters.

“Bug fixing is less interesting than building features,” said Zhou. “In the interest of acquiring new customers, you may be losing old customers who are not happy with your products.”

– See more at: https://sdtimes.com/but-the-bugs-remain/#sthash.3JdiXItU.dpuf

Thinking Strategically about Quality Management Webinar

DevTest is a quality management tool used widely by all industries and is part of the DevSuite ALM product line. It features a flexible repository for test cases, an intuitive wizard-based interface for release and test cycle planning, and real time metrics and views to gauge status. Best of all, DevTest is scalable to all project sizes and offers flexibility through native API’s.

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Resolve to Simplify IT Service Management Webinar

Are you struggling to manage incidents effectively, meet or exceed Service Level Agreements and get the right metrics at the right time? If so join us for a 40 minute webinar where you will see LIVE how painless IT Service Management really can be.

Delivering effective IT Service Management across the business is no easy task. Many solutions require months of implementation time and are not as easily adaptable as the business changes and new services are offered. Are you ready to look for alternatives? Ready to simplify your IT Service Management Needs?

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Build Better Software Webinar

Producing unreliable or low quality software coupled with delayed releases or software that does not meet the original customer requirements can be detrimental to the success of your business.  Common causes for these issues include disconnects between core teams, improper prioritization, over allocation of workload and improper planning and the lack of customer feedback during development.

TechExcel’s DevSuite ALM solution addresses these issues and can assist your organization in building better and reliable software. DevSuite is built out of the need to streamline your process and provide ease of use. The three core components: Requirements, Development and Quality are fully integrated to eliminate the gap between what’s delivered vs. what’s intended. DevSuite allows your team to provide collaboration, traceability, and to facilitate verification and validation for your software.


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