Updates to Service, Support and Process Management Solution Significantly Improve User Experience, Agility and Efficiency

LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – March 31, 2014 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of IT Service Management and customer support software, today announced availability of ServiceWise 9.3.  The latest release of the company’s ITSM and support-focused CRM software includes more than 50 new features and customer enhancements that significantly improve user experience and make managing IT service and customer help desk activities more agile and efficient.

“TechExcel provides premium and enterprise strength IT service and customer support solutions that are fully integrated with ALM. With ServiceWise 9.3, incidents submitted can automatically spawn defects, change requests or requirements.  While product management and development teams are scheduling, designing, implementing and testing for these items, all updates are reflected automatically back to the support incident,” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “By integrating with ALM requirements in 9.3, TechExcel has completed the final piece needed for a complete integration and our customers can enjoy the best platform for a complete support and development experience.”

ServiceWise 9.3 New Features & Enhancements

  • Fully Customizable Customer & Contact User Interface
  • Project Planning & Resource Management Improvements
  • Complete ALM & CRM DevOps Integration
  • Full Integration with DevSuite.  Change request and customer enhancements can now be submitted directly into requirements management for triage and prioritization before assigning development work.
  • Integration with RallyDev
  • Improved the professional service contracts to be able to upload customized invoices and to be able to track billable time against line items on the invoice.
  • Updated Reporting Utilizing Microsoft Silverlight
  • New Contact View, with Support for B2B and B2C Within a Project
  • Enhanced LinkPlus API
  • Improved Marketing Lead Tracking & Event Management

ServiceWise helps organizations optimize their IT infrastructure to respond more quickly and efficiently to user demands.  Designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, ServiceWise provides a rich feature set that can be easily customized and configured through a simple point-and-click interface.  Users can easily integrate workflows and automate processes between departments to improve communication and allow team members to collaborate on inter-departmental related incidents, problems, changes and requests. ServiceWise also includes out-of-the box best practices configured for ITSM and ITIL processes, all of which can be completely customized to meet the business needs of any organization.

ServiceWise also helps organizations deliver the services and value customers want.  With unlimited custom fields and pages, unparalleled control over user privileges, CTI integration, active directory integration, fully-customizable self-service and technician portals, knowledge sharing, and more, ServiceWise customers can deliver quick and efficient service and help desk experiences tailored specifically to the unique needs of their customers.

ServiceWise also delivers the agility IT organizations require to focus on business value, good ROI, speed to market, and delivery of solutions in response to change.  With integrated Asset Management, users can monitor all assets important to their mission including company IT assets, managing asset inventories, and tracking customer-owned assets. Integrated Project Management functionality gives managers complete control over IT service, help desk, change management, and HR project information, scheduling, and resource management.

Processes are the connective tissue of enterprises – IT service processes connect users to support, support to operations, and opps to product development.  ServiceWise now offers a fully integrated DevOps integration with TechExcel’s Application Lifecycle Management platform. Together, the 2 systems eliminate a lot of hassle from the IT department’s workload, and allow it to better support the central business functions that keep the company moving.

TechExcel is dedicated to developing ITSM and Customer Support software solutions with built-in intelligence that can be configured by users to optimize their business processes.  On-demand web seminars and personal demonstrations of TechExcel ServiceWise are available.  Call 800-439-7782 ext 5 or visit www.techexcel.com for additional information.

About TechExcel

TechExcel is a privately held software company dedicated to developing intelligent software solutions to optimize today’s business processes. A leading provider of integrated IT service management, customer support and application lifecycle management solutions, TechExcel seamlessly integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business. Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Lafayette, California, TechExcel maintains over 1,500 customers in 43 countries and regions in the world, including 20% of global top 500 enterprises. For more information, visit www.techexcel.com or call925-871-3900 in the United States or +44(0) 207 470 5650 in the United Kingdom.