Complimentary SpecDD Master Certification Class Teaches Effective Integration of Requirements and Quality Management with Agile Development


LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – November 12, 2013 – TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, is offering hybrid Agile development training on Friday, November 22, 2013, from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM (GMT), at Regus, Kensington Olympia, 72 Hammersmith Road, London, W14 8th.  Presented by TechExcel CEO and President and SpecDD Founder Dr. Tieren Zhou, attendees will learn how to build a scalable quality management model that truly integrates with agile processes, how to run projects more effectively across multiple and distributed teams, and how requirements and specifications can be utilized to increase traceability.  Additional information and registration is online at


Why Attend

Pure agile methods in real world projects have proved to be insufficient in many areas, including no support for total traceability, no model to integrate QA teams with development teams, no clear model for multi-team large agile projects, and no systematic way of improving team’s innovation as requirement level understanding and communication are often neglected.  This is why 70% of Agile teams mix practices from agile and traditional methods.


SpecDD (Specification Driven Development) is a hybrid agile methodology to manage both agile and none agile projects with a same set of development principles. Founded by Dr. Tieren Zhou, SpecDD aims to enable development teams to implement agile development methods with fully integrated requirements and quality management practices.



This workshop will present an overview of the SpecDD process model and its framework and show attendees how to successfully implement a more scalable hybrid agile method and how requirements and quality management can be integrated with agile practices, without compromising the agile simplicity and its promise on productivity gain.


Who Should Attend:

  • Project managers who are considering adopting an agile methodology but are interested in learning the benefits hybrid agile
  • SCRUM masters who want to learn a systematic way of integrating requirements and quality management
  • QA managers who are interested in finding how to coordinate QA testing with agile teams with the one joined agile team or QA teams exit independent of the agile development teams.
  • Product managers who are interested in learning how to quantify requirements to support agile process, and to associate quality standard with requirement specifications.
  • Agile development team members who have been searching for better ways to mix agile functions with traditional development best practices


Topics To Be Covered:

  • Introduction to SCRUM and its limitations
  • The SpecDD Process Model and its Framework
  • The Sprint planning meeting, daily agile meeting, and review meeting in SpecDD
  • How to formally represent and quantify requirements
  • How to manage and track the requirement changes within a development sprint
  • When do you develop working software strictly accosting to requirements?
  • When do you prototype a working software based on an unspecified requirement but to improve the understanding of the requirement?
  • How to integrate requirements with product backlog
  • How to manage and accomplish quality standard within a development sprint
  • Do you integrate your QA teams into your agile development teams or keep them independent but coordinated?
  • What is the job function of a QA floater? Why developers should be responsible for the quality testing as well within a development sprint.
  • Total QA testing and how it integrate with your agile development iterations?
  • The SpecDD multi team development Model
  • Real World Project Experience Sharing and Classroom Practice Scenarios



About the Presenter

Dr. Tieren Zhou is the Founder of SpecDD and the CEO and President of TechExcel, Inc.  After working for 20 years with Fortunes 500 companies, Dr. Zhou has witnessed and developed best practices for implementing a hybrid agile approach. In the past seven years, he has focused his research on developing a hybrid agile development methodology. He founded SpecDD in 2009 and has spoken and provided training on SpecDD at numerous agile conferences and industry expert gatherings.


About TechExcel

TechExcel is a privately held software company dedicated to developing intelligent software solutions to optimize today’s business processes. A leading provider of integrated IT service management, customer support and application lifecycle management solutions, TechExcel seamlessly integrates Web, wireless, and client/server technologies to provide companies with the power and flexibility needed to better manage their business.


Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Lafayette, California, TechExcel maintains over 1,500 customers in 43 countries and regions in the world, including 20% of global top 500 enterprises. For more information, visit