~ ProjectOne (P1) is the first tool with a clear Agile Planning function with the introduction of roadmap month planning and pulse view of the project’s teamwork progress

~ P1 is the world’s first tool that quantifies both productivity and quality of work; it measures six dimensions of work and doubles the chances of project success.

~ Integrates communication and collaboration tools to enhance project success for any team, from software developers to operations managers.

Lafayette, California, March 2021: TechExcel, a leading provider of integrated IT solutions, customer support, and application lifecycle management (ALM), announced today the launch of ProjectOne (P1), an AI-based platform setting the standard for agile planning and management.

Due to the complexity of current-day web development, ALM software is essential now more than ever. But working with fixed dates and scopes is too rigid for most agile teams today, rendering tools like Microsoft Project and Gantt charts obsolete. And task boards are too simple in measuring teamwork productivity and quality. This is where P1 comes in. With a task board that integrates with time tracking, work object monitoring, task tracking, and workflow, P1 fits both agile or hybrid needs.

P1 introduces agile roadmap month planning, giving team managers a pulse that dynamically tracks daily progressions of the work accomplished on requirements, with a monthly roadmap view. It provides a platform for developers and their teams to work cohesively together during all the stages of an application’s lifecycle.

“In the software development industry, everyone believes they should be fully agile. Many reject the idea of planning, but the reality is planning is still needed. It is not possible to solve the problems with inefficient methodologies. We have developed an advanced tool that follows modern agile development and allows for agile planning, traceability, and quality of delivery. P1 is created to drive projects to success.” – Tieren Zhou, CEO & Chief Architect.

There are currently innumerable PM options available in the market, but most of them only focus on one or two stages of the application lifecycle. TechExcel created P1, an advanced tool that follows and enhances modern agile development. It provides modular boards that track the status of work at any scale, from roadmap planning to requirements, task tracking as well as quality testing tools. It is the next evolution of project management with a fully integrated application lifecycle management platform that any team can use.

Here are the major elements that differentiate P1, the AI-based platform aiming to set new standards for agile planning:

  • Agile Planning: Requirements are always committed within a roadmap month, eliminating the need for rigid start/end dates. Monthly or quarterly planning adapts to the agile needs of software development teams.
  • Feeling the Pulse of Your Project Team: P1 shows actual real-time progress using requirement progress pulses. As connected tasks and objectives get completed, the pulse animates to visualize progress for each of the committed requirements.
  • Communication and Collaboration:P1 goes beyond simple project management. It is a robust management platform that enables development teams to connect with any other teams and successfully collaborate to achieve project success.
  • Quantifying productivity and quality of work: P1 visualizes the project delivery by tracking six dimensions of work contribution, effort, productivity, quality, reliability, and attendance. This allows teams to quickly adapt and improve performance.

Dr. Tieren Zhou, the CEO and Chief Architect, TechExcel, has consistently led the DevOps solutions industry for 25 years. Dr. Zhou received his Master’s degree in Computer Science and his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Kansas State University. He has been at the forefront of technology and innovation as the creator of SpecDD agile methodology a. P1’s beta version is ready and has been launched successfully.

Please find a link to the P1 Beta official launch webinar video here.


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ProjectOne (P1) is a new generation project management tool from TechExcel. TechExcel is the leader in unified Application Lifecycle Management as well as Support and Service solutions that bridge the divide between product development and service/support. This unification enables enterprises to focus on the strategic goals of product design, project planning, development, and testing while enabling transparent visibility with all customer-facing initiatives. Over the last 25 years, TechExcel has served thousands of customers in more than 45 countries and maintains offices in the US, UK, and China.

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