Director of Product Management, Jason Hammon will demonstrate how TechExcel’s DevSuite Multi-site architecture enables collaborative and flexible agile development across teams.

Modern software development involves multiple teams located across the globe. With built-in Multi-site support, DevSuite 9.0 enables globally distributed teams to work and collaborate

as if co-located by providing each team with a local server from which they can perform all their tasks. This server automatically syncs all changes with a System Master Site. Enabling

LAN-speed over the WAN for daily operations like viewing and editing tasks, reporting, and downloading design documents. This can easily save 20+ minutes a day per team member.

When totaled throughout the year, this becomes a significant cost saving as well as leading to gains in productivity and quality.

The DevSuite Multi-site architecture also provides 24×7 availability and can easily scale by adding additional servers to meet the increased demand for processing power or distribution.