LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – March 26, 2013 – TechExcel Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions, today announced general availability of DevSuite 9.2, their integrated platform for project planning, issue tracking, task tracking, and quality management.

DevSuite 9.2 introduces a new version of the DevTrack Windows Client application for advanced users. Requested by customers worldwide, this powerful new Windows based user interface adds many functions to enhance productivity. DevSuite 9.2 also includes MyDevSuite support for iPad and Android tablet users without the need to install additional servers. DevSuite customers can now use the mobile device native user interface for online and offline access to DevTrack tasks, DevSpec requirements, and for knowledge documents.

Based on patented technology, DevSuite 9.2 introduces Idea and IdeaBook support to manage knowledge, documents, image, video, and other digital assets. IdeaBook provides a powerful way to create online books using MS Word and Idea conversion. This technology converts MS Word documents to ideas “on the fly” for effective user guide and online help authoring.

TechExcel will host a live webinar showcasing how DevSuite 9.2 can be used to integrate Requirements and Quality Management with Agile and waterfall development on April 11, 2013 at 11:00 AM (PDT). Registration for this one-hour event is at

“TechExcel is dedicated to improving our customer’s experience with an enterprise level ALM solution that sports “best of breed” functionality and a user interface optimized for ease of use and productivity.” said Dr. Tieren Zhou, TechExcel Founder and Chief Software Architect. “DevSuite 9.2 continues this commitment by providing two major enhancements. User interfaces specifically designed for Web, Windows Client, iPad, and Android Tablet users as well as IdeaBooks that provide a revolutionary new way to manage user guides and online help. In fact, the DevSuite user guide and online help are now all being written and maintained in the new IdeaBook format.”

With tools to effectively manage both agile and traditional projects within a single application, DevSuite 9.2 introduces new features for greater visibility, productivity and collaboration across multi-site development, operations and administration teams:

  • DevTrack Windows Client User Interface: DevTrack users can now access story boards, task boards, and all project documents in KnowledgeWise, DevSuite’s centralized repository, and the data will be fully synced with the DevSuite Web-client interface.
  • MyDevSuite 2.0 for iPad and Android TabletsWithout the need to install any server component, the latest version of MyDevSuite allows users to view and edit requirements and specification documents, as well as implementation and defect tracking issues, and view reports across all projects on their iOS and Android devices.
  • Idea and IdeaBook Support: TechExcel now offers users an easy and efficient way to create user guides and online help documents, etc from existing MS Word documents with Idea and IdeaBook support.
  • Knowledge Announcement Widget: Users can now easily create professional-looking announcements for the DevSuite Login Page and Home Page dashboards, with attachments to any knowledge item, requirement document, image, IdeaBook, etc.
  • Improved DevSuite Multi-Sites for Scalability and Offline Support: TechExcel has expanded its multi-site support to include all DevSuite product modules and support for offline updates for DevSpec and KnowledgeWise items.
  • Requirements with Percentage Finished Module: Enabling real-time decision making and ability to manage development projects and resources with more agility, users can now track project progress by viewing percentage complete information of development tasks for each individual requirement.
  • QA Test Co-Owner Event for Quality Integrated Agile Support: Easily ensure requirement validation and verification by creating QA Test events for each development user story. This new feature also provides seamless 2-way sync with automatic creation of child specifications and allows users to view child spec requirements within a Word document via a converted flash or PDF using any Web browser.

DevSuite consists of DevSpec, DevTrack, DevTest, and KnowledgeWise, TechExcel’s solution-wide repository for collaboration, information sharing, knowledge management, and process/work item tracking. Available in hosted or on-premise deployment models, DevSuite is offered as an integrated suite or as individual components that allow organizations to build their ALM solution incrementally. For a detailed product description and live demonstration, visit