Sanmina Corporation

ServiceWise’s Web-Interface Provides Worldwide Access.

“Using ServiceWise, it has been extremely easy to customize and modify features such as incident notification and auto escalation.The system is quick which is very good. I haven’t received any complaints about the software being slow.”

Robert Blake – Business Analyst

Founded in 1980, Sanmina Corporation ( provides a cost-efficient, design and manufacturing solution to the world’s leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the communications, medical, industrial instrumentation, and high-end computer sectors. Sanmina’s end-t0-end solution includes design engineering and product development, new product introduction, global materials management, PCB and backplane fabrication and assembly, custom memory and DSP modules, enclosure systems, cable assembly, complete system integration and test, global order fulfillment and distribution, and end-of-life product services. OEMs benefit from this model by dealing with a single-source supply-chain and global supply-base, which helps them achieve cost efficiencies in material acquisition as well as flexibility to reduce lead times.

Sanmina Selects ServiceWise

Sanmina Corporation is a leading supplier of integrated design and electronics manufacturing solutions. The company’s support team of 300 is dispersed worldwide requiring a web-based support solution to provide real time access to support

incidents. Prior to deploying ServiceWise, Sanmina was using Track-It! to manage their support incidents. While Sanmina was relatively small, Track-lt!’s client/server based system was sufficient. However, as Sanmina began to experience rapid growth and international expansion, it became apparent that they needed a more robust system, capable of handling their increasing needs.

Sanmina‘s growth was marked by a tremendous increase in the number of employees based internationally. Since many support team members would be located worldwide, it became a necessity to implement a web-based support system that would accommodate these remote users.

While ServiceWise provided many of the features Sanmina was looking for in a support solution, the powerful web-interface was the most important.

ServiceWise in Action

When Sanmina’s customers call in or email new issues, a technician logs the incident into ServiceWise and determines its priority level. Using a variety of customized fields and drop-down menus, the technician specifies the details of the incident. This customization allows Sanmina to utilize ServiceWise to better manage their incidents.

For example, they have created two drop-down menus called “IT area” and “Problem area”, criteria which help them clearly define the nature of the incident. There is a master/detail relationship between IT area and Problem area so that only problems specifically related to an IT area can be submitted to ServiceWise.

To complete the submission process, the Sanmina technician provides a brief description of the issue and then assigns a status. Sanmina has customized the system to present four meaningful states for an incident upon submission: pending, in process, open, and closed.

Qnce submitted, the incident is assigned directly to either the focal person of the specified IT area or to a specific technician. Incident assignment depends on the nature of the problem. For example, complex incidents typically are assigned to the focal person who will diagnose the problem and either take ownership of it or assign it to the appropriate technician.

Sanmina uses email notification for high priority issues. When a high priority issue is entered into the system, an email is automatically sent to all of the appropriate users to inform them of this new incident. Sanmina determines which issues are high priority and also defines which account types need to know about this activity.

Sanmina utilizes automatic escalation to notify the appropriate supen/isors when an incident has been open for a specified amount of time. The administrator is able to determine what type of incidents require escalation and upon which criteria,

they should be escalated. For some incidents, for example, the incident will be escalated to the supervisor once it has been open for one hour and the incident will be escalated to the director when it has been open for two hours.

Robert Blake, Business Analyst at Sanmina, explains, “Using ServiceWise, it has been extremely easy to customize and modify features such as incident notification and auto escalation.”

Benefits of Servicewise

One of the primary benefits Sanmina has found using ServiceWise is the web interface. The web-based system has provided the company with great accessibility. “The web interface allows all Sanmina technicians worldwide to view their support tickets, open and close them, all in real time”, said Blake. Not only does the web-based version of ServiceWise provide remote users full access to the power of the system, it is also very fast. Blake explains, “The system is quick which is very good. I haven’t received any complaints about the software being slow.”

Another benefit Sanmina has enjoyed in its use of ServiceWise has been the ease of configurability. Blake has found the customization process to bequite straightfowvard. “We’ve been able to make changes to field labels very easily and making changes and additions to drop-down menus is also very straightforward,” explains Blake. “It’s a very intuitive system.”