Radon Labs

Radon Labs’ main challenge was to find a solution that could easily handle more than 10,000 items per project, and TechExcel DevSuite was the only serious contender.

Radon Labs is a leading European independent Game and Technology development company. Radon Labs is headquartered in Berlin/Germany and maintains a development studio in Halle-Leipzig. Based on over 13 years of experience in games and technology Radon Labs offers development capabilities for Microsoft Xbox36O®, Xbox®, Nintendo DS®, Nintendo WiiT®, and PC.

Radon Labs develops its own IP as well as developing complete games on commission from clients. Over the last 2 years Radon Labs has successfully developed and released 17 games onto the market. Radon Labs’ development experience spans almost the whole range of game genres: RPG, Simulation, Adventure, Action, Side Scroller and Strategy.

“DevSuite has so far proved very useful and fulfilled our expectations. We ’re already looking forward to the next version and to integrate DevPIan and DevTest into our workflow.”

Uwe Mehner – Test Leader

A scalable solution

Before Radon Labs switched to DevSuite they used an in-house built solution called Bug-database, however it could no longer handle the volume of bugs and the developer creating it had since left the company, forcing Radon Labs to seek a new solution.

The requirements for the new system were to find a solution that could handle more than 10,000 bugs; it had to be a scalable solution with the ability to add new modules easily and finally it had to have a stable Windows client.

Radon Labs first came into contact with TechExcel through a newsletter in Gamasutra and some employees had worked with TechExcel solutions atprevious employers. As part of the project to change solution Radon Labs also looked at Mantis and Hansoft, but DevSuite was the only solution they took into consideration for a testing period.

Implementing DevSuite

The implementation of DevSuite was very easy and the test environment with the development team was live within 2 weeks. Uwe Mehner, Test Lead at Radon Labs, says “We’re still revising the system as part of our normal maintenance and its modularity proved to be a real strength.”

The whole implementation process was basically done without using many of the support
opportunities offered, and any issues they did have were all handled in a timely manner by
the TechExcel support team. Radon Labs are very satisfied with the sen/ice they received.

“So far we have successfully run 10 projects and have 5 active projects right now. In all projects DevSuite proved to be very reliable. ” says Uwe, and continues “DevSuite has so far proved very useful and fulfilled our expectations. We ’re already looking forward to the next version and to integrate DevPIan and DevTest into our workflow. ”

Another important requirement for Radon Labs was reporting. DevSuite allows them to generate graphical reports for their management team, which in turn helps them to track progress in complex projects. Below is a report illustrating the issues in a current project.

TechExcel DevSuite

DevSuite is a complete knowledge-centric business solution for development process management. From requirements to project planning, work item tracking to QA testing, DevSuite allows teams to follow configurable, integrated processes that connect your business.

Key Benefits

  • Define and enforce a business process
  • Track elements through their lifecycie
  • Provide traceability between objects
  • Track accountability: ownership of items
  • Provide metrics to management for decision-making