Gael Quality

Gael Quality was looking for a solution that could handle more than 15,000 test cases, multiple resources and the ability to fully integrate result from external sources.

Gael Quality, a trading division of Gael Ltd, was established in Scotland in 1995. Since its inception, the philosophy of Gael has always been to offer software solutions to facilitate both personal and organisational improvement.

As an UK market leader in the design, development and delivery of compliance management solutions, Gael designed their flagship product Q-Pulse to enable organisations to achieve value from demonstrating compliance. Q-Pulse has helped companies across multiple industries transform the necessary compliance activities from a costly overhead into a business benefit with competitive and commercial advantage.

“Implementing DevTest was very easy and we were up and running almost right away. Getting existing test cases into DevTest only took between three and four weeks of full time effort. We could never have efficiently managed the volume of tests we have now with the old solution.”

Ian Blair – Gael Quality

Finding a new solution

Gael Quality was using Microsoft Excel to document tests and record results. For defect
tracking they used their own in-house Microsoft Access application. However at this point Gael had outgrown Excel, and they had far too many tests to manage using a spreadsheet.

The new test solution had to be able to manage thousands of test cases across the teams and integrate the results of both manual and automated tests. In addition, it had to handle multiple resources and have the ability to fully integrate results from external sources such as TestComplete. Looking at the defect tracking solution, it had to be able to do at least what their existing bespoke solution did. DevTrack covers much more than their initial requirements for a defect tracking tool. Initially, they did not have a workflow management system, but this has now been implemented as part of DevTrack. Furthermore, they also wanted to have a solution that covered traceability back to the initial test requirements.

Implementing DevTest

Gael Quality had a very short implementation cycle and with only three days consultancy from TechExcel, they had the system up and running. “Implementing DevTest was very easy and we were up and running almost right away,” said Ian Blair at Gael Quality. “Getting existing test cases into DevTest only took between three and four weeks of full time effort.”

Gael Quality has now been using DevTest for two years, so we asked them if DevTest has
lived up to their expectations.

“I would say yes, it has lived up to expectations. We have defined 14,495 master test cases in our main project and several hundred more in smaller projects. We have executed more than 117,000 test cases. Over 19,000 of these have been executed by TestComplete and the results fed back to DevTest by our custom execution framework. ”

Ian Blair concluded, “We could never have efficiently managed the volume of tests we have now with the old solution.”

TechExcel DevTest

DevTest is a complete solution for test management and includes test case creation, planning and execution through defect submission and resolution. DevTest Studio tracks and manages the complete quality lifecycle.

DevTest Studio combines the award winning test management features of DevTest, the market-leading defect tracking features of DevTrack and the automated test functionality of TestLink into one specially priced, integrated solution.

Key benefits

-Gain control over product quality with real-time test results reporting, tracking and analysis that lets you know what has been tested and what still needs to be done.

  • Improve test standardization, re-use, and revision control using a centralized test library.
  • Increase your team’s productivity with reduced data entry, definable test interfaces, and process automation.

Feature overview

Defect tracking

  • Track each issue through a definable workflow
  • SCM integration — track fixes against their source code deliverables
  • Deploy a resolution across multiple releases, versions and products
  • Reporting and metrics to illustrate the entire defect lifecycle

Test management and execution

  • Create a central repository for your test cases, knowledge items and automation scripts
  • Schedule releases and test cycles using a wizard driven interface
  • Execute test assignments and submit defects from the same interface
  • Track results with real-time dashboards and reports

Test automation

  • Out-of the-box integration with TestComplete
  • Add automated tests to the DevTest test library
  • Schedule automated tests along with manual tests
  • Launch automated tests from the DevTest interface
  • Track automation results with real-time dashboards and reports