Ali Bin Ali

From nothing to a full blown solution, Ali Bin Ali implements CustomerWise in only 5 days.

Ali Bin Ali Group is a privately owned company, established in 1945 with the vision to provide quality international products and services to the people of Qatar. The Ali Bin Ali Group is one of the largest retail and distribution companies in Qatar and has a long-standing history of successful partnerships with the world’s leading brands across a diverse range of business activities. With its unrivalled market knowledge, the Ali Bin Ali Group has developed in response to the country’s diversifying requirements, and is committed to the long-term development and strategic growth of the Group and its partners. Ali Bin Ali provides in-house support for the following business areas:

  • Human Resources and Training
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Administration
  • Logistics
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Property Maintenance

With a corporate mission to be the partner of choice for their customers, suppliers and community, superior customer support was a high priority.

“The implementation was excellent and it only took 5 days. I would say frankly that CustomerWise is an excellent product and so is the TechExcel support team.”

Emad Fouad – Support Team Leader

Identifying Key Requirements for Customer Support

Ali Bin Ali required a customer service support solution that provided all of the traditional features of a Help Desk system, including acting as single point of contact for user requests, user-submitted incidents and infrastructure-generated incidents; as well as allow for easy and continuous process evolution.
The CRM system put in place also needed to allow the Group to easily administer and system customize without requiring additional programming or consulting resources.

Implementing CustomerWise

While there were numerous implementation support opportunities available from TechExcel, the Ali Bin Ali team had the entire CustomerWise implementation in place in less than a week, with only minimal support from the TechExcel support team.

Extremely satisfied with the TechExcel service they received and the performance of CustomerWise, Ali Bin Ali has been using the system with superior results for years. Emad continues, “I would say frankly that CustomerWise is an excellent product and so is the TechExcel support team.” Most recently, the Ali Bin Ali team has extended the use of TechExcel’s integrated solution to generate timesheets for their 50-technician support team.

TechExcel CustomerWise

TechExcel CustomerWise is an integrated CRM software application for managing customer relationships throughout the entire customer lifecycle and designed to help organizations optimize their support process by providing their teams with everything needed to meet and exceed customers’ service expectations.

Through sophisticated process automation, knowledge base management, and the availability of customer selfservice through the Customer Web Portal, support teams can resolve issues more efficiently and increase customer satisfaction. It allows organizations to refine support processes to increase efficiency, productivity and significantly decrease overall support costs by reducing the time to resolve incidents and allowing customers to help themselves. Best of all, TechExcel CustomerWise can be deployed under budget, in days or weeks.

Key benefits

  • Holistically-managed support process
  • Sophisticated Workflow
  • Knowledge management
  • Sales force automation
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Asset management
  • Incident tracking and resolution
  • Customer self service portal
  • Service level agreement management
  • Extensive reporting capabilities