Mind the Gap

When operations and development teams function autonomously with separate tools a gap tends to form between the two organizations; often putting them at odds with each other. This can be detrimental to a company since any disconnect between operations teams and development teams can reduce efficiency and productivity in your organization.

The DevOps Solution(sometimes referred to as Agile Service Management or Agile ITSM) allows you to seamlessly integrate and
optimize the important relationship between customer support operations (IT Service Management) and
development (Application Lifecycle Management) without sacrificing the autonomy of either organization.

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One Unified Platform

  • View each operations item along with the corresponding development features, defects, and work items without having to switch workspaces.
  • Real-time updates ensure the most up-to-date information from the customer is also instantly available to the development team.
  • Knowledge can be associated with work items to present a clear view of the work needed.

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Two Way Linking between Operations and Development

  • Easily manage support incidents from CustomerWise or ServiceWise to DevSuite as a new issue which can be linked to requirements.
  • Automatically create live two-way links between items in operations and items in development
  • Allow developers to provide status notifications to internal and customer teams on an as needed, controlled basis without exposing developers directly to customers.
  • Facilitate real-time collaboration between IT and development to enhance quality and throughput of applications

Complete & Agile Change Management

  • Resource allocations, timelines, milestone and deliverables can all be tracked and scheduled
  • Work items, defects and tasks can all be put into a process-controlled environment
  • At defined states in its lifecycle, a development work item can require an association with a source-code artifact
  • Developers can commit their source code to the SCM system and that action can be associated with one or more work items.

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Continuous Integration

Our solutions integrate directly with Jenkins, an award winning, cross-platform, continuous integration and continouous delivery application that increases productivity.