LAFAYETTE, CALIF. – March 1, 2010 – TechExcel, Inc., a leading provider of Application Lifecycle Management software, today announced the release of Agile Studio, a new Agile Development platform that empowers organizations to mix elements from multiple Agile and traditional development methods. With Agile Studio, organizations can now balance both Agile and non-Agile practices to best support their processes and priorities, while still retaining the benefits of a single integrated system across the entire enterprise.

Agile Studio is an ideal solution for organizations requiring a customized approach for Agile Development. Providing out-of-the-box support for all major Agile methods including Scrum, XP, and test-driven development, the new Agile Studio also incorporates elements of traditional development such as resource planning, project management, and defect tracking which development teams can enable as needed. By mixing preferred practices from multiple methodologies, Agile Studio allows organizations to create a well balanced software development process that supports their unique needs. Agile Studio also provides optional extensions for more formalized requirements management, quality management, and timesheet automation if needed, which integrate seamlessly into the Agile framework.

“Our own customers, as well as a variety of recent industry research, clearly indicate that Agile has moved into the mainstream of software development”, said Tieren Zhou, TechExcel’s CEO and Chief Software Architect. “What has been surprising though is that about two thirds of all Agile teams have implemented a mixture of multiple methods, even including practices from more traditional development. Our tools have always supported Agile Development, but the new Agile Studio is a significant evolution of our product line that addresses this growing trend of mixed methodologies, creating a truly scalable Agile development platform.”

An expansion of TechExcel’s successful project management solution, Agile Studio consists of three award-winning tools for scalable Agile development:

  • DevTrack: A comprehensive Agile development platform that facilitates the Agile method with built-in support for milestones/releases, iterations/sprints, user story development, product and sprint backlog management, time/effort estimation, burndown reports, and more.
  • DevPlan: A robust Agile planning and resource management tool that provides project tracking and visibility, Sprint planning, daily Scrum reviews, resource allocation, skills, and availability management, and baseline capabilities to track changes.
  • KnowledgeWise: A powerful knowledge management system with built-in Wiki support, allowing knowledge and Wiki items to be easily shared across multiple teams and linked to Agile user stories, test cases, development tasks and planning milestones.

TechExcel’s Agile Studio is part of the new DevSuite 8.1 release, which also includes DevSpec for Requirements Management, DevTest for QA Test Management and defect tracking, and DevTime for automated timesheet management. All DevSuite products are seamlessly integrated with Agile Studio for easy expansion when more robust development practices when needed.

TechExcel Agile Studio is immediately available. For additional information and to download a free evaluation copy of TechExcel Agile Studio, visit