Centralized, Wiki-Based Knowledge Management

  • Centralized Knowledge Base Increases Efficiency, Mitigates Data Risk, and Facilitates Collaboration Between Teams
  • Associating Knowledge Items With Incidents, Opportunities, Requirements, Tasks, or Projects
  • Improve Self-Service and Speed Issue Resolution by Adding Resolved Incidents to the Knowledge Base
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A Better Way to Manage Company Knowledge


TechExcel KnowledgeWise is the knowledge management solution at the core of the TechExcel's ServiceSuite. It is the centralized knowledge base for all company documents including: contracts, processes, planning information and other important records as well as customer facing articles, FAQ's, technical manuals and installation guides.

Even though team members access common company knowledge or define project specific knowledge, all knowledge access is carefully managed and controlled by strict security privileges at project level, folder level, or even item level for read, write and viewing access.

KnowledgeWise allows teams to easily build a knowledge base by adding any type of knowledge document. Public knowledge, available to customers through the CRM Support portal, improves self-service and FAQ's standardize resolutions to common issues. Published documents can then be associated with different areas of work so that internal teams and external customers can search the knowledge base for self-service content based on their access privileges. Sales and marketing teams can store important documents for common use with strict security controls. Existing knowledge base content can also be linked to other knowledge base management systems or by populating KnowledgeWise with third-party knowledge packs to help resolve common support incidents.


  • Centralized knowledge base increases efficiency, mitigates data risk, and facilitates collaboration between teams.
  • Define relationships between knowledge and related work items by associating knowledge items with incidents, opportunities, or work projects
  • Enable and improve self-service and speed diagnosis and resolution by adding resolved incidents to the knowledge base.

Features and Functionality

  • Manage Documentation - Add, modify, delete, categorize, and index documents in your knowledge base to suit your mission and business requirements.
  • Strict Version Control Options - Control document actions at the project, folder, or item level.
  • Enable Self-service - Provide employees and customers with help topics, release notes, and other self-help documentation.
  • Track Resolved Incidents - Add resolved incidents to the knowledge base to enable self-service and speed diagnosis and resolution.
  • Easily Search the Knowledge Base – Perform text and keyword searches ranked by relevancy.
  • Integrated knowledge notification - Attach knowledge items to incidents, or email them to users.
  • Expand Your Knowledge Base with External Knowledge Links - Link TechExcel Service Suite components with third-party knowledge management tools.
  • Easy to use HTML knowledge editor

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