Add Full Traceability to Your Development Processes

  • Create, Organize and Manage Your
    Requirements and Specifications
  • 2-way MS Word Integration for Viewing and Editing All Items
  • Maintain a High Degree of Visibility, Traceability, Validation
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Key Benefits

Key benefits

  • Define product or project requirements.
  • Track what requirements are not covered by a development work items or test cases.
  • Identify which features or functions in the design are not required internally or externally.
  • Control requirement changes and view the impact of the implementation of such changes.
  • Provide lifecycle traceability and review requirement implementation and validation

Features Overview

  • Create, manage, discuss and link project requirements and features.
  • Easy to use Wiki editor.
  • Fully supports Scrum, Iterative development, Waterfall, and many other methodologies
  • Automatic requirement versioning and baseline abilities.
  • Requirements, specification and other key digital assets are stored in a reliable and secure central data repository.
  • Out of the box integrations with DevPlan, DevTrack, and DevTest allowing teams to view the complete development lifecycle for all requirements.
  • Poll stake holders on requirement and feature value, risk or other user-defined criteria.
  • Create "what if" scenarios for product feature sets and time estimates using DevSpec "Options".
  • Define requirement and feature interfaces you want with extensive customization options including user-defined field labels, field types, drop-down menu options, master-detail relationships, and custom reports.
  • Import items from Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF
  • Built-in presentation quality reports enable you to easily report on all requirement data, change control and change impact as well as traceability for test-coverage of requirements.

DevSpec Features:

Fully integrated Web Client
·          LDAP support
·          Single Sign-On
Online/Offline authoring with Microsoft Word
·          Wizard based import
·          Retain original formatting
·          Syncing between Word and Spec
·          Export professional looking documents
Definable graphical workflow
Advanced Workflow Controls
Status automation
Real time collaboration across tools and teams
Requirements interdependency mapping
Product / Version Impact Tree
Requirements change management
Baselining with visual diff
Fully Customizable User Interface
Unlimited custom fields
Wiki Edit with full HTML support
Image base support
Canned list, trend, distribution reports
Test case management integration
Custom requirement types
Requirements templates
Fulltext search engine
Email Notifications
Access Control
Requirement Event Management
Requirement Version Management
Group Folder Support
Requirement Status Group
User Identity Confirmation
Wiki Book Support
Enterprise Architecture (EA) Integration