One primary reason, in a business sense, for us becoming a more mature development organization is our use of DevTrack.

-Art Gust Quality Assurance Manager

Challenge Solution Result

Needed a tool to help manage multiple commercial software projects

TechExcel's DevTrack on MS SQL Server

Managers can assess project status more effectively and plan accordingly

Finding a solution that met the needs of all developers

The interfaces, web and windows, are very powerful, customizable and easy-to-use.

Advanced searching and filtering allows developers to find information quickly.

Developers can learn the basics of the front-end client in 15 minutes.

Teams are 25-30% more efficient using DevTrack.

There is efficient communication between project managers, QA, and developers

Managers are confident in new software releases.

Needed to support a large number of projects & users working from various geographic locations

DevTrack Web provides all the features of the windows client through a browser.

Remote offices and developers telecommuting use the web client to access the central project repository.

Users on site use a mix of Windows and web clients depending on their personal preference.